The Smile Fund Grant Application

Smile Fund Grants distributed from One Mission are designed to make living in the hospital less lonely and stressful, bring back joy in a time of fear and uncertainty, and provide kids fighting cancer and their families with the support they need to get through the emotional and financial challenges of treatment.

Listed below are One Mission’s Smile Fund Grant Application Requirements

  • Project/program must support pediatric cancer patients and families.
  • The “project” can be a program, service or product.
  • Project/program cannot fund cancer research.
  • Project/program must be funded by philanthropic dollars and not part of an organization’s operating budget; a copy of the department budget is requested and the organization should outline how this grant will fit into the budget.
  • Organization must provide an annual stewardship report to One Mission.
  • Project/program must be branded with the One Mission name and logo on appropriate collateral and signage; One Mission will provide the logo and examples as requested.
  • Project/program must help to provide comfort, support, smiles, and/or assistance; One Mission will provide examples as requested.

Smile Fund Grant Application

  • Organization Description and History:* The Organization Description and History section should include the history of the organization, its structure, information about office locations or departments that will be involved in carrying out the activities that will be funded by the requested grant, major accomplishments of the organization, relevant experience and accomplishments of the organization, established partnerships and relationships that will be important to carrying out the activities funded by the grant, information about prior grants received from One Mission, and an explanation of how the description you provide makes your organization an appropriate grantee.
  • Give a description of how your oncology program/unit is structured and some details regarding the daily life of patients and families whom you care for.
  • The Proposal Summary should include the amount of funding requested and a general description of how the funds will be used.
  • The project description should provide a detailed description of the program that will be funded by the requested grant. This description should explain the goals of the project, how they will be achieved, how success or failure will be measured, what services you promise to deliver and what results you expect to bring about. Please note: “Project” can be a program, service or product
  • Provide detail on the number of families these funds will support and the geographic reach.