Patient & Caregiver Support Programs

One Mission’s family-centered care initiatives are designed to give patients, caregivers, and siblings the help they need to get through the everyday challenges of treatment.

Just for Tweens 

Provides adolescent patients, ages 8 -12, with special activities specifically designed for this age group such as scrap booking, jewelry making and art that encourage peer socialization and support. It acts as a forum for patients to share their illness and coping experiences, and promotes self-esteem and self-care.

Push Start Program (Transplant Documentary)

Push Start is a program that started from a patient’s mother asking for an iPad to help document her son’s bone marrow transplant. Many families feel this milestone is like a second or new birthday. Using iPads supplied by One Mission, Bone Marrow Transplant families take pictures to commemorate their child’s special day. They are then able to upload the pictures and pick out a gift such as a photobook, framed picture, collage, magnet or photo quilt. This is a wonderful memory making opportunity for families during the transplant journey.

Caregiver_Connection_01Caregiver Connections/Date Nights

Caregiver nights are offered to give parents and caregivers the opportunity to take a break and interact with people who are going through similar situations and experiences so they can support one another, share ideas and learn from each other.  One Mission supports a variety of activities for caregivers such as a parent coffee hour, painting classes, social events and date nights for couples.

Caregiver Gifts

Offering a moment of normalcy and a chance to show family members appreciation, One Mission grants patients the opportunity to choose a gift for their mom, dad or caregiver. Whether it’s a parent birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, the hospital works with the patient to be able to give their parent or caregiver a special, personalized gift that they wouldn’t be able to get on their own.

parent_bagCaregiver Bags

Caregiver bags are given to all newly diagnosed oncology and bone marrow transplant families. Caregiver bags provide the immediate, need-to-know information for parents and caregivers in one easily accessible area.  Caregiver bags also contain essential toiletries, a blanket, kids’ pajamas, and other items to help make the hospital stay a little easier.

Family Support Groups

Provides activities, outings, networking and support for patients, parents and siblings.  This program is designed to include both inpatient and outpatient populations depending on the activity.

Parent Coffee Hour

A chance for parents and caregivers to take a moment, enjoy a cup of coffee and snack and talk with other parents and caregivers who know exactly what they are going through.

Child Life Specialists

The Child Life Specialists use play as a way to help patients express fears or concerns, and understand the hospital environment. They provide activities and entertainment, and arrange tutors for children who miss school.  One Mission helps to fund the salary of child life specialists at our partnering hospitals.

Caregiver Lunches

Granola bars, sandwiches or whatever the quickest option the hospital cafeteria has to offer is often what parents and caregivers find themselves eating for lunch day-after-day. Caregiver lunches provides parents and caregivers a healthier meal that doesn’t require them to spend any valuable time away from their child.

Caregiver Education/Patient & Family Library

One Mission funds the development of personalized and comprehensive packets which are given to each newly diagnosed family to help them learn about their child’s illness and understand the treatment their child is about to undergo.  A lending library is also available for parents to check out books on their child’s diagnosis.  

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