The One Mission Resource Room

Resource_Room2One Mission Resource Room
– Boston Children’s Hospital

The majority of One Mission programs take place inside Boston Children’s Hospital in what most families refer to as “the living room”, it’s proper name is The One Mission Resource Room. Just like the living room in your home, The One Mission Resource Room at Boston Children’s Hospital is precisely this for patients and their families while they live in the hospital for a minimum of 45 days, coming and going throughout their entire course of treatment. It is the “hub” of who we are and what we do, from the staff that oversee the planned and spontaneous activities in the room, to educational resources about a cancer diagnosis, to family dinners and holiday parties, to music and art therapy. Every need is met for the patient and their families.

The One Mission Resource Room eases the difficult cancer journey for patients, families and staff by being a place to learn, celebrate, socialize and support one another.

When a child is admitted, all normalcy goes out the window. School, play dates and all other routines are replaced with vital sign checks, doctor consultations and procedures. Through birthday parties, special occasion celebrations, themed family dinners and much more, the One Mission resource room helps to normalize the hospital experience and bring happiness into the lives of patients and their families. 

– Lisa, MPH MSH RN CPHON Nurse Manager, Inpatient

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