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Press Release Template & Instructions

We have developed a press release that you can customize with your information along with step-by-step instructions on how to submit the release to your local papers.  It’s simple and easy!

How To Submit Press Release

Please follow the below directions carefully to ensure a successful placement.

PLEASE NOTE: Sending this release to your local paper does not guarantee it will get in the paper. Decisions are made by the editor and we have no control of what gets in and what does not but many papers are looking to highlight their community members so submit your story!

  1. Please log onto to find your hometown paper. When you get to your town’s paper’s web site, to the left is a button that says SECTIONS. Pull that down to where it says CONTACT US. On that page it will say “all submissions” and an email address. Please use that email address. NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN THE EMAIL ADDRESS IS: example:
  2. Edit the press release template. Make sure you delete the bolded text and write in your information where asked. Example TOWN HERE should be erased and BEDFORD should be written in.
  3. Make up a quote. Use this space to tell the paper why you decided to Buzz. Was it because you had a friend or relative who was affected by cancer? Was it because you saw it on the news last year and wanted to help? Please put thought into your quote. This is one of the ways to persuade the editor to put your story into the paper.
  4. Copy and paste the entire press release INTO the body of your email. DO NOT send this as an attachment.
  5. Make the email headline the SAME sentence as the title of the release: [TOWN NAME] RESIDENT TO SHAVE HEAD AT BUZZ OFF FOR KIDS WITH CANCER AT GILLETTE STADIUM.
  6. Send it out
  7. If you do not see your story in the paper within two weeks, refer back to the wickedlocal contact us page for your town and call the paper. Just say you are following up on information you sent about participating in the Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer.

Good luck! Any issues or questions, please email

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