General Information:

What is the One Mission Buzz Off?
Why Take Part?
What happens if I can’t shave at a One Mission event? Can I shave on my own?
What is the minimum age requirement for The Buzz Off?
Can I form a team for the Buzz Off?
Do I have to raise money when I shave?
Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?
What is the cancellation policy for a One Mission Event?
I do not live near any of your One Mission run events. Can I host my own Buzz Off in my community?

Event Day Information:

What happens the day of the event?
Can I bring a guest to the event?
What if I am late for check in?
Do I have to shave off all my hair off?
I’m bald already, but I still want to take part. Will you shave off my beard, mustache, goatee, etc?
Will hair be donated?
What ways can I get involved other than shaving?

Fundraising Requirements:

How much money do I have to raise if I’m participating in The One Mission Buzz Off at Gillette Stadium?
Does my $35 Registration Fee count towards my minimum donation?
How do I fundraise for this event?
How do I become a Buzz Off MVP?
If I don’t shave, can my donors get their money back?
Will my donors be contacted by One Mission or anyone else?
Do you accept donations by check?
Can you accept checks made payable to anything but One Mission?
Can we submit donations in cash?
Can my donors get tax receipts?
Where do I get materials such as donation forms and sample fundraising letters?
How long does it take for donations to be posted to my Personal Fundraising Page?
Do matching gifts count toward my minimum?
How do we get credited for matching gifts from our donors’ employers?
Exactly where does the money go, and who makes those decisions?
What is the One Mission Foundation tax ID number?

About One Mission:

What is One Mission?

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